charade (plural charades)

  1. Something apparently real but based on pretence/pretense.
    She said she loved me but it was only a charade.
  2. (in plural charades) A party game in which players mime a word or phrase that the other players must try to guess.

7 letters in word "charade": A A C D E H R.

No anagrams for charade found in this word list.

Words found within charade:

aa aah aahed ace aced acer ach ache ached acre acred ad ae ah aha ahead ahed ar arc arcade arced arch arched ard are area areach aread areca ared cad cade cadre car card care cared cedar ch cha chad chadar char chara chard chare chared che cher cred da dace dacha dae dah dare de dear ea each ear eard ecad ech echard ed edh eh er era ha haar had hade hae haed hard hare hared he head hear heard her herd raca race raced rach rache rad rade rah rahed re reach read rec red reh rhea